Bath with Bath Board, with a Cup of Tea , flowers & candle

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The Ultimate Relaxation Guide for Stressed out Mums. How to Incorporate Self-Care into your Routine. 

Bath with Bath Board, with a Cup of Tea , flowers & candle

Self-care and taking time out for yourself has become a bit of a buzz word in the last couple of years and self-care can help you to promote and maintain good health, prevent disease and cope with illness. Despite these benefits, it is estimated that 77% of people feel they do not practice self-care as often as they should. Being a mum, you are probably at the bottom of your list, prioritising your children above yourself and likely falling into that 77% of people who don’t feel they practice self-care often enough. But, just like on the aeroplane when they ask you to fasten your own life jacket before helping others, you can’t look after your loved ones if you are not looking after yourself.


This guide will show you how you can incorporate self-care into your routine, including: 

  • Incorporating self-care into your routine and making time for yourself
  • The ultimate relaxation guide for stressed out mums: 8 self-care ideas
  • Pouring from a full glass and putting yourself first


Incorporating Self-Care into your Routine and making time for Yourself 

As a mum you might feel like you are so busy running around after everyone else that you don’t have any time for yourself. Here are some tips and ideas for incorporating self-care into your routine: 

Incorporating Self-Care into your Routine by Delegating 

Ask your children (if they are old enough) or your partner to help out more around the home. By delegating some of the chores that you would usually complete, you will be able to use these precious few minutes to take some time for yourself and incorporate self-care into your routine, even if that is on a weekly or monthly basis. 

Incorporating Self-Care into your Routine with a Digital Detox 

Incorporate self-care into your routine by taking a break from technology! Constant notifications on your phone, the drama of TV and being constantly available on social media can make you feel pre-occupied and tense. As a mum, taking a break from technology should help you to relax and feel less stressed. In addition, think of how much time you spend on your phone each day - taking a break from technology will create extra time in your day which you could use for some self-care. 

Incorporating Self-Care into your Routine with Meditation 

Meditation can be highly beneficial for stressed out mums, with meditation decreasing anxious feelings. As well as helping with stress, meditation can help overall feelings of well-being and can provide an increased sense of self. Meditating for just 10 minutes per day can also help to increase your attention span. To fit meditation into your routine, try meditating in the shower. Recently, this is something I have been trialling to fit meditation into my routine and I haven’t looked back! When meditating during your morning shower, I like to inhale uplifting scents such as my Sweet Orange Whipped Soap

Incorporating Self-Care into your Routine with Music and Podcasts 

Listening to a podcast or the radio when completing monotonous tasks is another tip for fitting self-care into your routine, to help you to create some headspace. Listening to music is also something you can fit into a busy routine - either by focusing on your favourite songs whilst enjoying a cuppa or blasting your tunes whilst cooking and dancing around the kitchen. 

Incorporating Self-Care into your Routine with a Self Care Subscription 

Subscription Box with rose petals for decoration

If you are still struggling to fit self-care into your routine, try blocking out some time in your diary and asking your partner or a friend to look after the kids - even if it’s only once a month, make an effort to make this time for yourself. A Self-Care Subscription Box can be a great physical reminder to take some self-care time and enjoy a little pamper session. For more about how a Self-Care Subscription Box can help, have a look at my recent blog on how a monthly self-care subscription box can help you to take some time for you. 

The ultimate relaxation guide for stressed out mums: 8 self-care ideas  

You have made time for yourself, now it is time to decide how you want to spend your precious self-care time. 

8 Self-Care Ideas for Stressed out Mums  

Self-Care for Mums Idea 1: Journaling  

Journaling for Mums with a cup of tea

Journaling can provide you with time to reflect and to incorporate gratitude into your life. Try getting up 10 minutes earlier to have a cuppa and journal some reflections on the day ahead, what you would like to accomplish and what you are grateful for.




Self-Care for Mums Idea 2: Foot Spa 

Blue & White Epsom Salt Foot Soak in Kraft Pouch

After running around with the kids all day, give your tired feet a little pamper in a self-care session. Soaking your feet in an Epsom Salt Foot Soak will help to cool your tired aching feet whilst you sit back and relax. For the ultimate foot spa experience, following your foot soak apply a Natural Foot and Heel Balm to your feet to bring a burst of moisture to your feet.


Shop natural products for the ultimate foot spa experience here.


Self-Care for Mums Idea 3: Gentle Exercise  

Exercising can help reduce your risk of major illnesses and reduce your risk of

Woman in a sitting yoga pose
early death by 30%! Exercising can also help to boost your mood, help you sleep better and reduce your risk of stress. It is therefore well worth considering incorporating exercise into your self-care routine. If traditional forms of exercise like running or visiting the gym aren’t for you, try a more gentle form of exercise such as yoga, pilates or stretching which are particularly beneficial in the mornings. There are millions of videos taking you through yoga classes on Youtube, or if you need more accountability and prefer some interaction, try finding an in person class.



Self-Care for Mums Idea 4: Read a Book 

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body” Joseph Addison.

Reading can give you the chance to escape from the stresses of being a mum and get lost in a good novel, to give you some space to relax, even if just for a few moments.


Self-Care for Mums Idea 5: Baking 

Self care for mums bakin

Take some time with no distractions, put your phone away and blast some music whilst you get stuck into making your favourite baked goods! Plus, you can enjoy some cake at the end of your self-care activity - what’s not to like?!


Self-Care for Mums Idea 6: go for a Walk in Nature  

As well as walking bringing all of the benefits of exercise, being out in nature can also be beneficial. Spending time in nature can help to increase your self-esteem as well as reduce stress. Going for a walk in nature can also give you the headspace to work through anything that is on your mind.


Self-Care for Mums Idea 7: Having a Relaxing Bath

Bath Bomb Purple & Pink  /Lavender & Bergamot

There is nothing like a long soak in a hot bath, time to lie back and just be present in the moment. For an even more relaxing bath, add a bath bomb with added essential oils to provide aromatherapy benefits to suit the mood. For example, our Sweet Dreams Bath Bomb can help to relax and soothe you, helping to clear your mind to bring on a good night's sleep.


Self-Care for Mums Idea 8: Getting Crafty  

Getting stuck into a craft is great for keeping your hands and mind busy as you work on an activity and forget about the stress of being a mum. When it comes to choosing a craft, the options are endless but you might find collaging, sewing and knitting to be a therapeutic and easy way to de-stress.

Pouring from a Full Glass and Putting yourself First 

 As Simon Sinek said “Putting yourself first is not selfish. Quite the opposite. You must put your happiness and health first before you can be of help to anyone else”. This guide has given you my top tips for making time for yourself and incorporating self-care into your routine. From exercising to baking and having a foot spa, there are so many different ways you can incorporate self-care into your routine and escape from the stress of being a mum. Do you have any other self-care ideas? I would love to know what you do to relax, please do let me know in the comments below!

 Shop self-care essentials for stressed out mums here.


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