Awesome Botanical Brand Values

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A is for


Awesome – yup that’s right, all of our products are absolutely AWESOME! I have painstakingly researched, tested and created all of our holistic skincare products, using natural ingredients to create the most delicious scents, with added essential oils bringing aromatherapy benefits to our holistic skincare ranges.

W is for


WOWing our CustomersOne of our core values is to put our customers first with customer service and products that WOW! And with over 250+ reviews across all of our shopping platforms, the feedback we get from our customers is that we WOW them time and time again!

E is for


EnvironmentAwesome Botanical is always striving to be as environmentally friendly as possible with our holistic skincare and we use recyclable materials such as the tins our Hand Balms come packaged in. Our Whipped Soap & Body Scrubs packaging is made from 100% PET recyclable plastic packaging – or even better, why not see how you can re-use them and turn them into something else 

S is for


I am a huge advocate for self-care! It is so important, now more than ever that we take the time out for us, to stop what we are doing in this very busy world and give ourselves some self-love.

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O is for

Owning your power

Owning your power – With anxiety, it can be easy to get so swept up worrying about the future that we forget to look back at all we have achieved (and this is definitely something I can be guilty of at times). But, I am learning to be proud of what I achieve and the AWESOME selfcare products I create and I hope that our products will help you to relax and reflect on how you can own your power too!

M is for

Made by Hand

I am a great believer in delivering high quality handmade products that are full of love and will help you to relax and unwind, as well as being kind to your skin.

E is for

Empathy & Kindness

Be kind to each other and be kind and empathetic to yourself and your mind, take the self-care time that you deserve. It can take only 20min to run an Awesome Bath & chill out with a book, wine or music!

Together we are Awesome Botanical