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How to repair & protect your cracked heels ready for summer 2021

Feel confident embracing sandals and going barefoot this summer with our top tips to repair & protect your Cracked Heels.

After a difficult winter lockdown, where we all spent over 4 months living in our tracksuits, the world is beginning to open up and the hot summer weather is finally here. For many of us summer means holidays (perhaps a staycation this year), ice cream and BBQ’s. But summer also means sandal season is here and it is time to get those feet out!

If having your feet on show gives you the fear, keep reading for our top tips to repair & protect cracked heels, including:

  1. Utilising a Natural Heel Balm to get your feet summer ready
  2. Reviving your feet with a botanical foot soak
  3. Nailing those Summer Nails
  4. Staying fresh in summer with a cooling and deodorising foot spray
  5. Sourcing your Summer Sandals

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1. Utilising a Natural Heel Balm to repair & protect your feet.

Cracked Heel Balm - Citrus Humbug Foot Balm with Lemon & Mint

Our customers absolutely rave about our Citrus Humbug Foot Balm and it is the perfect product for getting your feet crack free and ready for summer! I use it every night myself, it is really good for dry feet and cracked heels. My feet were absolutely terrible before I developed the Natural Heel Balm and now my feet are amazing and I can't wait to get out and about to the shops and pubs and show my feet off this summer because, let's face it, we didn't really get a chance last year.

What is in the Natural Heel & Foot Balm that will help to repair & protect cracked heels? 

Our Natural Heel Balm include the all important essential oils - lemon and peppermint and it is so refreshing for your feet to help your feet stay fresh during the hot summer days. Beeswax is what adds the final hardness to the product which is why it is in a balm. It is also fantastic for soothing and rejuvenating the skin and it is a humectant which helps to lock in the moisture. Beeswax is also rich in vitamin A and can help with the rejuvenation and exfoliation of your feet to help with the appearance! Browse the full list of Ingredients here

Reviewed by Karen who gives our Foot Balm Five Stars “So glad you started this business, your products are amazing and really do work! Thanks to you and your Foot Balm, I don’t have cracked heels anymore and can wear my summer sandals without stressing over my unsightly heels” 

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2. Reviving your Feet with a Botanical Foot Soak 

Epsom Salt Botanical Foot Soak is blue & white, in Kraft Packaging with blue label

So your feet are now beautiful and your heels are on the way to been crack free. My next tip for getting your feet ready for summer is to regularly soak your feet, particularly after long days of standing or summer walks. Immerse your feet into a reviving foot bath with our Humbug Epsom Salt Foot Soak. Don’t worry if you don’t have a foot spa, if you clean out your washing up bowl and then fill with warm water and add your Humbug Epsom Salt Foot Soak - this will work just as well to help get your feet ready for summer.

What is in our Humbug Epsom Salt Foot Soak that will help get your Feet Ready for Summer? 

Our Foot Soak includes Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt), the epsom salts will help to exfoliate your feel and remove dead skin to get your feet summer ready. The Humbug Epsom Salt Foot Soak also includes Peppermint Essential Oil which deodorises and can help your feet to stay fresh during the warm summer weather. After a long day of walking or standing your feet are likely to be tired or swollen and the peppermint can also help with this as it can have a cooling effect on your feet. Browse the full list of Ingriendents here.

 “Gorgeous product! As soon as I opened it, I was rewarded with the most wonderful peppermint scent. I bought it for a gift and I love the natural packaging and gorgeous colours of the foot soak.” (Libby, Humbug Epsom Salt Foot Soak Review).

Get Your Reviving Epsom Salt Foot Soak Here

3. Nailing those Summer Nails 


Blue toe nails in the sand

The next tip for getting your feet ready for summer is to nail those nails by giving your toenails a cut and a splash of nail varnish! If you have thick toenails, it can be easier to cut your toenails straight after your foot soak. It is recommended that you cut your toe nails every six to eight weeks using either nail scissors or nail clippers. Once your toenails have been beautifully trimmed, add some nail varnish for an extra bit of something something. Make the most of the summer season and try opting for a bright summer colour, to really show off those summer ready feet.

 4. Staying Fresh in Summer with a Cooling and Deodorising Foot Spray


Cooling & deodorizing foot spray in blue bottle with lemon & peppermint

During the hot summer months, the high temperatures combined with spending more time outdoors and going for walks can mean we all get a bitty sweaty and our feet are no exception. You wear deodorant and body spray or perfume to make sure your upper body has a nice scent, but what are you doing to make sure your feet are staying fresh? Our Citrus Humbug Cooling & Deodorizing Foot Spray is perfect for helping those sweaty feet stay fresh during the summer.

What is in our Foot Spray that will help get your Feet Ready for Summer? 

 Our Citrus Humbug Cooling and Deodorising Foot Spray is infused with a luxurious blend of Lemon & Peppermint essential oils which are known for their deodorising and cooling properties, perfect for helping to get your feet summer ready. Browse the full list of Ingredients here

 “Smells wonderful, definitely much easier and better to the touch than the gel based ones.” (Rosa, Citrus Humbug Cooling and Deodorising Foot Spray Review)

Get Your Feet Summer Ready With Our Dedorising Foot Spray

Sourcing Your Summer Sandals

Summer Sandals with the Sand

So your feet are ready for summer - they are crack free, revived and relaxed, your toenails are beautifully cut and painted and your feet are feeling fresh. My final tip for getting your feet summer ready is to source your summer sandals early! It can be easy to get caught off guard by the sunshine and rush to the shop to buy your sandals or retrieve them from hibernation in your cupboard. Instead, try to purchase your sandals earlier in the year or retrieve them from the cupboard and start wearing your shoes around the house for short periods of time to wear your sandals in. Initially, you could wear socks with your sandals to help wear them in. By wearing your shoes in before you head out for a long walk in the summer sun you can ensure they are comfy and this can also help prevent blisters from ruining your summer feet

 Top Tips for Repairing & Protecting Cracked Heels & Getting your Feet Ready for Summer 

From repairing cracked feet and cooling and deodorising to nailing your nails and sourcing your sandals, these have been my top tips for getting your feet ready for summer. I hope that these tips will help you to enjoy the summer sunshine, without having to worry about your feet! Do you have any other top tips for getting your feet ready for summer? Let me know in the comments below!

Get your feet ready for summer with our natural foot products 

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