Wholesale with Awesome Botanical 

We are often asked if we supply our Bath & Body care products wholesale, and YES we do! We have many stockists around the UK from independent gift shops, to companies who curate hampers, and businesses with a subscription box service. 

We have a low min order amount but can equally supply you with 10,000 products if required. Drop us an email at info@awesomebotanical.com to discuss your requirements. 

We are on a number of wholesale platforms if you would prefer to shop on there if use our link below to sign up to the platform you maybe eligible to credit for your first order from us. 

If you are looking for 1000+  of one induvial product, please contact us to discuss pricing. 

Ankorstore £300 off your first order*

Faire £300 off your first order*

Abound £150 off your first order*

Creoate 40% off your first order up to £500*


* these offers are created by the platforms and are maybe updated, changed at anytime.


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