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How a  Self care subscription box can help you to take some time for you? 

Self Care Subscription box open with 4 bath & Body products in it

Coronavirus has had a huge impact on all of our lives and has also had a big impact on mental health, leading to an increase in people suffering from anxiety. A 2020 study found that people in the UK reported the second highest rates of feelings of anxiety, stress and great sadness  in the world, with 26% of people being affected. For me, the UK lockdown heightened my anxiety and I turned to my passion for essential oils and holistic self care practices, to help to ease my stress. Since then, I have been on a whirlwind journey and I have now sent my bath & body products to customers across the globe, with the aim of helping to ease your stress and encourage you to take more time for yourself - find out more about my journey here


If you are struggling to find time for yourself, this article will explore how a self care subscription box can help you to take some time for you, including: 


  • Booking in a self care session with yourself and your self care subscription box
  • Self care ideas and inspiration
  • Giving the gift of self care with a subscription box


Booking in a Self Care Session with Yourself and your Self Care Subscription box 

Booking in a Self Care Session with yourself using a diary & pen

 As women, we are often so busy making sure everybody else is okay that we forget to look after ourselves. A self care subscription box can help you to prioritise making time for you because every month your box will arrive at your door, as a physical reminder to put yourself first. Your self care subscription box will be filled with bath & body products with delicious scents, that you simply will not be able to wait to use! Your self care subscription box arriving is the perfect reminder to book in that self care session with yourself - yes write it in your planner, tell your partner and/ or kids and commit to having some time to yourself - even if it’s only half an hour! 

Some self care sound good? Order your Self Care Subscription Box here. 

Self Care Ideas and Inspiration from your Self Care Subscription Box 

Not only will your self care subscription box remind you to take some time for yourself, the contents of the box can also give you self care ideas and inspiration! The contents of our self care subscription box changes every month, but here are some examples of the self care ideas and inspiration previous boxes have provided: 

Holistic Self Care - Grab a Bath Bomb and have a Soak  

Our self care subscription box often include Bath Bombs which can inspire you to have a long soak in a  hot bath, for the perfect self care activity to relieve stress. Baths can also improve sleep, so if you suffer from insomnia or lie awake worrying at night, a bath an hour before bed could be the answer. Now I love a bath, I find them super relaxing and a great form of self care so our monthly self care boxes often include a bath bomb, to enhance your relaxing bath even more. 

Recently our February 2022  self care subscription box included our Blushing Rose Bath Bomb.

Blushing Rose Pink Heart Bath Bomb Scented in Rose Geranium

With the scents and holistic benefits of rose geranium essential oils which are known for their potential to enhance emotional stability and boost your mood. As well as the relaxation benefits of a hot bath and deliciously scented bath bomb, baths have the added benefit of being in the bathroom and behind a locked door. When you want to take some time for yourself, you can lock the rest of the world out (try leaving your phone outside too) and truly take some time for yourself.


Reading as a form of Self Care  

Book & candle laid on the bed

Think you don’t have time to read? Take your book with you read a few chapters whilst enjoying your bath and your essential oil filled bath bomb. Alternatively, set your alarm 10 minutes earlier than the rest of your household and enjoy 10 minutes of calm, reading with a cuppa for some self care to get your day off to the best start. 

Self Care Spa from Home with a Face Mask Bar and Epsom Salts 

Your self care subscription box could also include products so that you can have your own self care spa session, from the comfort of your own home. For example our recent June 2021 subscription box included our new Face Masque Bars to inspire you to give yourself a relaxing facial and enjoy a little pamper session. The subscription box also included our Sweet Orange Epsom Bath Salts. Having a bath with epsom salts can aid muscle soreness and stress, to ease your tense muscles for an even more relaxing bath. Don’t have time for a little self care spa from home? Try putting on your Face Masque and then jump in the bath - for an awesome relaxing bath and pamper at the same time!


Give the Gift of Self Care with a Self Care Subscription Box 

Bath Room with Bath for Self Care Relaxing time

Know somebody who you are always encouraging to prioritise themself more, but they never quite get round to it? A self care subscription box is the perfect not so subtle hint, to encourage a loved one to make time for some self care. The self care subscription box will provide a monthly reminder to book in some self care time and will give your loved one self care inspiration and ideas - helping them to put themselves first.


Give the gift of self care with a Monthly Self Care Subscription Box here.


Making time for Yourself with a Self Care Subscription Box  

In an increasingly busy and stressful world, self care and making time for yourself has never been more important. From acting as a physical reminder to take some time for yourself, to providing self care ideas and inspiration, a  self care subscription box can help you to make time for yourself. Alternatively, you can spread the self care love with a self care subscription box, to encourage loved ones to regularly take time themselves.

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