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Autumn Hand Ritual

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How to Care for your Hands in the Autumn Months

 In July, Britain saw the hottest day of the year so far, with temperatures hitting 31C in some parts of the country! During the summer months when we are out making the most of the sunshine, many of us do our best to protect our skin

Boy dropping sand in the summer sun

from the heat of the sun, with 47% of British women using a facial skincare product containing SPF. You might also spend more time beautifying your feet during the summer months, to get rid of those cracked heels so that your feet are sandal ready. The increased temperatures during summer can also have an effect on our hands, but with so much else to think about during the summer, our hands can end up a little neglected. As we make the transition into the Autumn it’s time to start thinking about upping your hand protection.

This article will show you how to care for your hands in the autumn months, including: 

  • The autumn hand ritual we all need
  • Tips to protect your hands during the autumn months
  • Caring for your hands in the autumn months with your diet


The Autumn Hand Ritual we all Need 

Girl sat on bench with coffee in Autumn

Lets face it, during the summer months we have all been outside enjoying the sunshine - not embarking on complicated skin care regimes for our hands… This 2 step autumn hand ritual can be done on the go, so that you can enjoy the last of any sun without worrying about your hands.


Autumn Hand Ritual Step 1 - Looking after your Nails and Cuticles 

The increased temperatures and exposure to the sun during the summer 

Woman holding Nail & Cuticle Balm

months can leave your nails and cuticles looking dull and feeling dried out. The first step of our autumn hand ritual is to regularly apply a Nail and Cuticle Balm to revive and moisturise your nails and cuticles. Our Nail and Cuticle Balm contains shea and cocoa butter which can combat any roughness by bringing increased hydration to your nails.


"I bit my nails for years and they chip easily, or they did! My hands have never been in better shape. I’ll never switch now." (Jule, Nail and Cuticle Balm Review).


Get your hands in shape with our Nail and Cuticle Balm here!


Autumn Hand Ritual Step 2 - Moisturising 

The second (and final) step of our Autumn hand ritual is to moisturise your hands after every single wash. All of the hand washing we are being encouraged to do at the moment can really dry out your hands. Try to wash your hands with cold water rather than warm or hot water which can cause your skin to lose their softness due to a loss of moisture. Moisturising after every wash will promote soft, enriched skin and will help to protect against this dryness.


Woman rubbing hand balm over hands

Our Summer Zest Hand Balm can give your hands a nourishing boost of moisture, to help your hands stay soft during the Autumn months. As well as being available as a full size product, we also sell the Hand Balm in smaller 20g tubs which are perfect for taking with you on the go, so that you can moisturise your hands after every wash. Plus, the sweet orange and zesty lemon essential oils give the Hand Balm a divine Lemon Cake scent that you can enjoy whilst keeping your hands feeling silky soft.


"This is my third purchase of this hand balm, and I love it. I only use it at night time before I go to sleep, and my hands are soft and moisturised in the morning. I have also managed to get my husband to use this routinely now. He has proper working man's hands, which were very aged and split and crack in the winter months, but they have been noticeably better than ever since he’s been using it. Recommend anyone to use it, it’s really that good." (Suzanne, Summer Zest Hand Balm Review)


Shop the Summer Zest Hand Balm for silky soft Autumn hands.


Tips to Protect your Hands during the Autumn Months 

Now that you have found an easy to maintain hand ritual to protect your hands during the Autumn months, there are a couple of additional steps you can take to protect your hands against the colder weather.


Wear gloves or mittens, as the weather starts to turn colder, wearing gloves will 

Woman wearing gloves holding coffee in Autumn

not only to help to keep your hands warm, they will also help to protect your skin from the harsher weather. Gloves or mittens come in all different styles and even touch style gloves for those of you who are always on your phone.


To help protect your hands during the autumn months I would also suggest trimming and filing your nails around every 2 weeks. Doing this will help to prevent your nails from breaking and stop dirt from collecting in the nail bed.


Caring for your Hands in the Autumn Months with your Diet


With your skin being the largest organ in the body, what you consume can affect the health and appearance of your skin. Having happy, healthy hands during the Autumn months also means caring for your skin in general and you can partly do this through your diet.


Caring for your Hands in the Autumn Months by Staying Hydrated 


Water Jug with lemon & mint

Drink water. And then drink more water. As well as helping your body to stay hydrated, drinking plenty of water can also help your skin to stay hydrated and radiant. It is recommended that you drink between 1.5-2.5 litres of water every day


Antioxidants to Care for your Hands in the Autumn Months 

kiwi fruit

Antioxidants such as vitamin C and E can also help to protect your skin in general, Incorporating foods rich in Vitamins C and E into your diet will help to support healthy skin and protect your skin and hands during the autumn months.


Some of the best sources of Vitamin C include:

  • Blackcurrants
  • Red Pepper
  • Kiwi Fruit
  • Orange
  • Kale

Some of the best sources of Vitamin E include:

  • Vegetable Oil
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Almonds
  • Hazelnuts
  • Avocado


Caring for your Hands in the Autumn Months and Beyond 

 Our hands have a huge impact on our lives, they allow us to use our phones, write, cook, pretty much everything we do in our day to day lives involves our hands. Yet, when it comes to our skin care regimes, our hands are often our last priority. This article has shown you our easy to maintain 2 step hand ritual as well as tips for protecting your hands during the Autumn months. Do you have a Autumn hand ritual? Let me know how you care for your hands during the summer months in the comments below.


Shop Autumn hand essentials here.

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