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What is a Whipped Soap & How can it benefit your skin?

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What is a Whipped Soap and how can Whipped Soap Benefit your Skin? 

 Whipped Soap is the new kid on the luxury soap block and it is the bathroom product everybody is raving about:

 “I love this whipped soap! It smells gorgeous and a small amount goes a long way. I have sensitive skin and this soap doesn't dry out or irritate my skin. Makes my bathroom smell lush too! Will be buying more and would highly recommend to anyone.” (Emma, Sweet Orange Whipped Soap buyer).


“I love this product, smells amazing and my skin feels amazing after using it too

I will definitely be buying this again!” (Joanne, Sweet Dreams Whipped Soap buyer).

 But what actually is Whipped Soap and how can Whipped Soap benefit your skin? As a regular maker of Whipped Soap, let me fill you in…

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 What is Whipped Soap? 

 Whipped Soap is an Awesome alternative to shower gel or a bar of soap.

Sweet Orange Whipped Soap, Body Scrub & Bath Bomb on the bath rack in the bathroom

Instead of being in a liquid or bar form, the soap is whipped to a luxurious fluffy and creamy texture that is completely irresistible (if I do say so myself). Halfway between a shower gel and a bar of soap, the semi-solid velvety consistency of Whipped Soap makes it a completely indulgent body wash and can also be used as a shaving cream. Our Awesome Whipped Soaps bring a vibrant pop of colour, to brighten up your shower. The Whipped Soaps are also scented with a luxurious blend of pure essential oils. 

How to use Whipped Soap?

 Although slightly different to conventional soaps and shower gels, Whipped Soap is just as easy to use.

 How to beautify your shower with Whipped Soap: 

  1. Scoop out a little blob of Whipped Soap onto your loofah (a little goes a long way so that you can enjoy your Whipped Soap for weeks to come)
  2. Work the Whipped Soap into a luxurious, creamy lather
  3. Feel cleansed and refreshed as you massage gently with the loofah
  4. Breathe in the delightful scent of the essential oils that are released from the Whipped Soap and rise in the steam, like an aromatherapy session every time you shower!
  5. Relax and think Awesome thoughts before rinsing

 Add an Awesome Whipped Soap to your shower.

 How can Whipped Soap Benefit your Skin? 

Colorful Whipped Soaps lined up on white background

The luxurious velvety texture and aromatherapy benefits are not the only perks, Whipped Soap is also really good for your skin and can leave your skin feeling moisturised and nourished. Our Awesome Whipped Soap includes apricot kernel oil which is a natural skin elixir of vitamins A, B and E. Apricot kernel oil also contains linoleic acid and oleic acid, which are natural emollients thought to have skin-loving benefits and so your skin will appear more moisturised and hydrated.

 In addition to containing apricot kernel oil, our Whipped Soap’s are also scented using essential oils. Each of our Whipped Soap’s is made using a unique blend of luxurious essential oils which as well as bringing a delightful scent. Our popular Sweet Orange Whipped Soap is made using, you guessed it, sweet orange essential oil which is the same oil released when you peel an orange. As well as containing the nutritious vitamins A, B and C, sweet orange essential oil is also known for its high limonene and myrcene content and these antioxidants can help to protect your skin. 

Enhancing your Shower with Whipped Soap

 The luxurious texture and moisturising ingredients mean that the new kid on the luxury soap block, the Whipped Soap is likely here to stay. With such healthy ingredients and no artificial perfumes or fragrances, your skin will love you for making the swap to a Whipped Soap.

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