Autumn Skincare Routine to get your Skin Glowing

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Autumn Skincare Routine to get your Skin Glowing 


“Autumn brings a cooler breeze, with fruit and nuts upon the trees”


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Autumn is the season of cosy clothes, hot chocolate, candles and warm baths. But for your skin, the harsher conditions of the autumn season can cause your skin to become sensitive and dry. The cooler temperatures of autumn can lead to pollution and other small pigments breaking through the external barrier which protects our skin from the elements.


You might have less skin on display during the cooler autumn months than you did when you were topping up your tan during the summer. Despite this, it is still so important to look after your skin during the harsher autumn months and find a skincare routine to get your skin glowing.


My 3 step autumn skincare routine to get your skin glowing are: 

  1. Exfoliating
  2. Moisturising your hands
  3. Lip Balms


Autumn Skincare Routine to get your Skin Glowing Step 1 - Exfoliating 


To help your skin adjust to the change in the environment brought about by autumn, build cleansing and exfoliating into your routine. The cooler, dry weather of autumn can also cause a build-up of dead skin cells. Exfoliating will remove any external dirt or other fragments on the skin’s surface and also help to protect the skin’s barrier. Exfoliating your skin can also purify tired pores, which have suffered during the harsher Autumnal conditions.


Be gentle when exfoliating - you only get one skin! 


For an exfoliator which will help you to give your skin that polished feeling and 

Sweet Orange Blossom Pink & Orange Sea Salt Body Scrub, in bath room with oranges

get your skin glowing during the Autumn months, whilst still being gentle on the skin, I recommend a natural sugar or salt body scrub. Our Body Exfoliator Salt Scrubs are whipped to a fluffy consistency and include added apricot kernel oil to bring additional moisture to the skin.  The natural sea salt or sugar also helps to sweep away the dead skin cells helping your skin to achieve that dewy glow, even in the autumn months.


Browse our range of natural Whipped Body Scrubs.


Autumn Skincare Routine to get your Skin Glowing - Don’t Forget your Hands 


Exfoliating your body to remove external dirt and dead skin cells is a really

important part of your autumn skincare routine to get your skin glowing but don’t forget your hands. Make sure that you remember to exfoliate your hands as part of your skincare routine. Exfoliate your hands gently, using one of the natural exfoliators recommended above but only do this if your skin is not cracked or sore. If you are suffering from sore or cracked skin on your hands during the autumn, skip this step for now until your hands have healed.


Autumn Skincare Routine to get your Skin Glowing Step 2 - Moisturising your Hands 


The autumn breeze can make your skin more sensitive and less soft. Moisture from your hands also evaporates quickly meaning that your hands can quickly become dry during the colder Autumn months. A top tip to get your skin glowing during autumn is to try not to go straight from the cold outside to blasting the heating inside, as regularly doing this can dry out your skin.


A Hand Balm for your Autumn Skincare Routine to get your Skin Glowing 


Hand Balm in bathroom with lemons and green plant

 Moisturising often can help to strengthen your skin’s barrier, so it is really important to find a good moisturiser to help get your skin glowing during Autumn. It is recommended that you use a good hand cream and massage it into your hands to increase circulation and also apply before bed so that your hands can hydrate and recover from the harsh elements of autumn during the night.


In terms of a good hand cream, I recommend a hand balm because you can use the solid balm itself to massage your hands and increase circulation. Our AWESOME Hand Balms include natural butters and oils which will melt into your skin, giving your hands an intense and nourishing burst of moisture. Shop our moisturising Hand Balms here.


I have recently written a blog post on how to care for your hands in the Autumn months. Take a look if you are interested in finding out more about how to protect your hands during the Autumn.



Autumn Skincare Routine to get your Skin Glowing Step 3 - Lip Balms 


Just like your hands, your lips are also vulnerable to becoming dry during the 

Lip Balm with a Nail Cuticle Balm in Bathroom with a Plant

cooler Autumn months. The cold and wind brought by the change in seasons can make your lips extremely susceptible to cracking which can be painful and doesn’t help you to achieve dewy glowing skin.


Using a lip balm can create a natural barrier against the cold and wind, helping to protect the skin on your lips, to help get your skin glowing during the autumn months. Our AWESOME Lip Balms are packed full of skin-loving natural ingredients. Unlike some of the usual lip care balms, we choose to use Mango Butter in our Lip Balm’s to bring the lips alive with its enhanced level of anti-oxidants and minerals.


If you are struggling with chapped lips, have a look at this article for tips on soothing and moisturising your lips with an essential oil lip balm. (ADD LINK)


Get Dewy Glowing Skin with this Autumn Skincare Routine 

The cooler weather and wind brought by Autumn can be a challenge for our skin, with dead skin cells building up and our skin becoming dry. However, all is not lost and this Autumn skincare routine can help you get dewy, glowing skin even during the colder Autumn months.

Do you have a go-to product that you use to get your skin glowing during the Autumn? Let me know in the comments!




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