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Quick Wins for Keeping your Skin happy when on the Go

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Your skin is the biggest organ in your body and you probably have a skincare routine that you complete regularly, in order to take care of your skin. When we are at home, we have our daily routine and all of our skincare products, so most of us probably complete our skincare regime every day without even thinking about it. But when we are on the go, it can often be a completely different story. If we are going on holiday, on a trip out for the day or visiting friends and family, we no longer have our routine where we regularly look after our skin. If you are anything like me, you might also leave your packing until the last minute and it can be easy to forget those skincare essentials or just grab a handful of random products and hope for the best. The lack of skincare routine whilst on the go can leave our skin feeling dry and looking dull, rather than the radiant glowing skin we could have, if we kept our skin happy when on the go.


These are my quick wins for keeping your skin happy (and looking radiant) when on the go: 


  • Protect your skin with suncream
  • Use skincare products containing matcha
  • Exfoliate often
  • Keep lavender oil-infused products to hand
  • Add some vitamin C
  • Use bars to easily transport your skincare products


Quick Wins for Keeping your Skin Happy when on the go: Apply Suncream 

My number one quick win for keeping your skin happy when on the go is to

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apply suncream every day. Every Single Day. Whether it’s cloudy, raining and you haven’t seen the sun in weeks or glorious sunshine, always protect your skin by applying suncream. Not only does suncream help to slow down signs of aging (and don’t we all want to look like Jennifer Aniston when we are 52?!), suncream can also protect your skin against skin cancers. In addition to this, applying suncream daily can also help to preserve an even skin tone and help your skin to stay moisturised.


When choosing your suncream, the NHS recommends using products with a minimum of SPF 30 and 4-star UVA protection.


Quick Wins for Keeping your Skin Happy when on the go: use Skincare Products Containing Matcha 

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Alongside suncream, using products containing matcha can be another quick win for keeping your skin happy when on the go. Think of matcha as the superfood of skincare on the go! Matcha is rich in antioxidants, helps to increase collagen levels in the skin and keeps pores clear. Plus matcha can even help to restore skin from previous sun damage!

 Matcha is one of only 5 main ingredients included in our Morning Superfood Dough Face Cleanser. Our natural cleanser can give your skin the morning cleanse it deserves. The antioxidants within the Matcha can protect against free radicals which is one of the causes of skin ageing!

 Awaken your skincare routine on the go with our Dough Face Cleanser.


Quick Wins for Keeping your Skin Happy when on the go: Exfoliate Often

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My next quick win for keeping your skin happy when on the go is to exfoliate  often. Exfoliating can help to remove bacteria and dead skin cells and after exfoliating, your skin should look radiant and glowing. A top tip is to make sure you are using products that are not harsh on your skin. Exfoliators including natural ingredients should be less harsh on your skin. For example our Peppermint, Tea Tree & Coffee Exfoliating Face Scrub gently exfoliates with fairtrade coffee and silky smooth oats. As well as gently exfoliating, the peppermint and coffee scents can help you feel invigorated and ready to smash the day ahead!


Delight your skin with our Exfoliating Peppermint, Tea Tree and Coffee Facial Scrub Bar.


Quick Wins for Keeping your Skin Happy when on the go: Keep Lavender Oil-Infused Products to Hand 

Like matcha, lavender can have a whole host of benefits. In addition to the lavender scent helping us to sleep, lavender can also work wonders on your skin. For years lavender-oil has been known as a treatment for sensitive skin issues. Lavender-oil is also an anti-inflammatory and a brilliant face toner, particularly when applied in the evening before bed. Therefore, lavender-oil is the perfect ingredient for your evening cleanser - shop Nighttime Natural Facial Cleansing  Bar - Lavender & Rose Geranium, with Rosehip & Dragon fruit.


Quick Wins for Keeping your Skin Happy when on the go: Add some Vitamin C 


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Vitamin C can help keep your skin happy and healthy when on the go due to its brightening properties. Plus, vitamin C can also help to promote collagen in your skin. Vitamin C can be incorporated into your skincare routine or regularly consumed in your diet. Foods such as blackcurrants, red peppers, kiwi fruit, oranges and strawberries are all high in Vitamin C.


Quick Wins for Keeping your Skin Happy when on the go: Use Bars 


My final quick win for keeping your skin happy when on the go is to use bars. Not only are bars a plastic free and more sustainable alternative to bottled skincare products, they are also smaller and easier to transport. Whether it is a Cleanser, Exfoliator or Face Mask, bars are the perfect way to keep your skin happy when on the go, whilst also taking up less space in your bag.


Browse our range of sustainable skincare bars.


How to keep your Skin Happy when on the go? 

From protecting your skin with suncream to exfoliating to give your skin a radiant glow, these have been my quick wins to keep your skin happy when on the go. Key ingredients to incorporate into your on the go skincare regime include macha and lavender oil, and it is also beneficial to add vitamin C, either into your diet or your skincare products. Ditching the plastic bottles in favour of bars can make it easier to transport your skincare products when on the go. Keeping your skin happy when on the go really can be as quick and easy as that!


Browse our range of essential skincare products for on the go here.


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