3 Simple Ways to Pamper Your Mum This Mother’s Day

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3 Simple Ways to Pamper Your Mum This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show your mum how much you appreciate her. What better way to do that than with a pampering session? From giving her a spa day at home to preparing her breakfast there are lots of ways you can make your mum feel special this Mother’s Day. Read on for three simple tips to pamper your mum this year!

Give Her a Spa Day at Home

Is your mum always dashing around taking care of everyone else? Treat her to some much-needed relaxation with a home spa day. Start by running her a hot bath and adding a relaxing sweet dreams bubble scoop for an extra luxurious touch. Prepare some healthy snacks and drinks so she can have them nearby while soaking in the tub. Give her a Glow Pink Clay face mask she can apply this for 10minutes whilst she is soaking away, she will exit the bath with glowing skin. 

Prepare you Mum Breakfast for Mothers Day 

Get up early and whip up something special for your mum on Mother’s Day morning—she deserves it! Try making something simple yet delicious like pancakes with fresh fruit or eggs benedict with smoked salmon. Set the table with some pretty flowers and prepare your mum’s favorite tea or coffee. It might be as simple as toast and jam but this gesture will surely make your mum feel loved and appreciated.

Bake Something Together on Mothers Day 

Does baking bring back happy childhood memories for you both? Then why not spend some quality time together in the kitchen? You could try out an old family recipe or pick something new from Pinterest—the options are endless! Baking is also great because you get the chance to chat while measuring ingredients, kneading dough, frosting cupcakes…you catch our drift! Plus, you get sweet rewards at the end when all that hard work pays off—literally! Just don’t forget to take pictures so you can reminisce about it later ;)

In conclusion this Mother's Day, surprise your mum with one (or more) of these thoughtful gestures that involve spending quality time together—all while making sure she feels relaxed and pampered in the process! Whether it be running her a hot bath full of bubbles to serving up breakfast, or baking something sweet together, these ideas will show just how much you love and appreciate all that she does for you every single day. Happy Mother's Day!

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