Teens / Tweens Make your own Spa Body Care Products Workshop

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The ultimate self-care experience make your own body care products! Explore a world of 100% natural scents, leaving synthetic fragrances in the dust. Get ready to level up your self-care game by crafting your own

  • Awesome bath salts

  • An energising 'wake me up' sugar body scrub, 

  • A lip balm that's pure nourishment

All whipped up using natural ingredients

In this epic 2-hour session, not only will you be creating these awesome products, but you'll also snag the top-secret recipes to recreate the magic at home. It's all about you, so revel in the joy of customisation—pick your favourite scents and colours for each creation. Get ready to unleash your creativity and treat yourself to a self care day like no other! 🌿✨

What age is this workshop suitable for?

This workshop is suitable for ages 11+. Making products is a little bit like baking and does involve following recipe and being able to weigh out ingredients accurately+ listening carefully. There is no upper limit to this workshop and would suit a parent/child selfcare day out also. 

We are limited on space in the workshop if you would like to accompany your child you will need to book a paying space to make products with them. 

Where are your Make your own spa workshop classes held? 

My make your own spa workshops are held at Hypoint , Unit 010, Saltmeadows Road, Gateshead. 

How many spaces is there per class? 

There are 4 spaces per class, however if you have a larger group or would like a private class, email us at info@awesomebotanical.com let's discuss your requirements. 

How accessible is the unit?

There are 3 steps into the unit where the workshop is held, if you require wheelchair access please contact us prior to booking to arrange. 

After booking 

You will receive a download with a request to drop me an email with a few details for safeguarding to ensure your child is kept safe & well whilst in my care, you will be requested to give me details such as allergies/ emergency contact details. 

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