Shower Gel Bauble

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Shower Gel Bauble 

A gentle and effective shower gel with a non drying formula which is completey sulfate free, has no quats or silcones. Each wash is 94.96% natural/ naturally derived ingridents our shower gel baubles deliver a luscious that lather that both cleanses and gives you an aromatherapy shower expierence. 

With 5 Scents to choose from 

Eucalyptus & Peppermint Awaken Shower Gel Bauble

Feel the vivacious rush of eucalyptus intertwined with the crisp vitality of peppermint. This duet of scents promises an exhilarating journey from the aromatic eucalyptus groves to the brisk, refreshing meadows of mint.

Mandarin, Gernium & Lavender - Flora Foilage Shower Gel Bauble

Let the zesty allure of mandarin meld with the rich, floral notes of geranium. Just as you're entranced, a hint of calming lavender wafts in, ensuring a balanced and uplifting aroma that lingers on your skin.

Lavender & Teatree Misty Meadow Shower Gel Bauble

Journey into a serene garden, where the calming embrace of lavender meets the clarifying whisper of tea tree.

Cedarwood - Driftwood Shower Gel Bauble

Allow the robust and grounding aroma of cedarwood to transport you to ancient forests, where every whisper of the trees tells tales of ages gone by and the sanctity of nature's embrace.

Orange, Patchouli & Lavender - Restore Shower Gel Bauble

Begin your sensory journey with the uplifting citrus notes of sun-ripened orange, followed by the mysterious depth of patchouli, and finally, let the soothing trails of lavender envelope you in a comforting embrace. 

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