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Self Care Pamper Advent Calendar:

Behind each door of our self care pamper advent calendar lies a world of sensory indulgence. With 25 handmade treasures awaiting your discovery, the excitement of the festive season is elevated to a truly luxurious experience. Bursting with unmatched opulence, our self care pamper advent calendar, is worth an impressive £135, contains 14 full-sized products, ensuring you're enveloped in luxury day after day.

Imagine your daily ritual elevated by the purest natural scents. Visualize unwinding every day of December, opening a box that promises relaxation and self-love. From lavish soaks in the tub to soothing massages, feel the stress melt, replaced by rejuvenation, all while anticipating the grandeur of the 25th.

Among the treasures are our highly acclaimed whipped soaps, renowned for their creamy texture and aromatic allure. Dive deeper, and you'll find our uplifting whipped body butter that melts on your skin and a special festive scented soap to encapsulate the spirit of the season. Beyond mere products, this calendar promises moments of bliss. Whether you're immersing yourself in a warm bath, massaging away the day's stress, or simply indulging your senses, each product is crafted with the love to help you feel relaxed & rejuvenated, and with a different item to enjoy each day, you'll be looking forward to December 25th all month long!

Why should you treat yourself to the Self Care Pamper Advent Calendar

Treating yourself to a little bit of self-care can make a big difference in your overall wellbeing. And what better way to show yourself some love than with the Self Care Pamper advent calendar? This luxurious calendar is packed with 25 handmade products that will help you relax, rejuvenate, and feel your best. From body scrubs and face masks to bath bombs and soaps, there's something for everyone. Best of all, each product is handmade with love. So not only will you be treating yourself to some well-deserved pampering, but you'll also be supporting local business. So go ahead and give yourself the gift of self-care this Christmas!

What’s in the Awesome Botanical Self Care Pamper Advent Calendar 2023

  • Humbug Epsom Salt Foot Soak - Full Size 
  • Cirtus Humbug Foot Balm - Full Size 
  • Hazy Mauve Lavender Hand Balm 15g 
  • Minty Cocoa Lip Balm - Full Size 
  • Nail & Cuticle Balm - Full Size 
  • Pink Grapefruit Bath Bomb full size 
  • Eucalyptus & Spearmint Bath Bomb full size 
  • Sweet Orange Bath Bomb full size 
  • Lemon & Lime Bath Bomb Full size 
  • Lavender & Cesarwold Natural Handmade Bar Soap 
  • Hazy Mauve Lavender Fizzing Bath Dust - Full Size 
  • Face Cloth
  • Hydrate Face Mask Full Size 
  • Super Cleanse Face Mask Full Size 
  • Spiced Orange Natural Handmade Festive Bar Soaps 
  • Body wash Misty Meadow,
  • Body wash Driftwood
  • Body wash Awaken 
  • Whipped Soap Citrus River & Sweet Orange 
  • Energise Body Butter Full Size 
  • Revive Body Butter Full size 
  • Calm Body Butter Full Size 
  • Foot Mask – Full Size


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