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Self Care Christmas Gift Guide

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“No one has ever become poor by giving” Anne Frank.

 Gift-giving can be a truly magical experience, watching the face of a loved one as they open a much-desired present. On the other hand, gift-giving can be a complete nightmare, particularly at Christmas time when you likely have multiple people to buy gifts for, it can be challenging and also stressful if you do not know what to get people. What do you get the person that works 50 hours per week? Or the busy mum who never has time for herself? Or that person who has everything?

 Well in my experience, you can’t go wrong with a self-care Christmas gift. Self-care and taking time to really look after yourself and your mental health is so important, but it can often be forgotten amongst our busy lives. The festive period, particularly the time between Christmas and New Year when nobody quite knows what day it is, is the perfect time for some self-care. Giving a self-care Christmas gift could just be the prompt your loved one needs to really take some time out to look after themself and their mental wellbeing. With that in mind, this guide rounds up my favourite self-care Christmas gifts...


Self-Care Pamper Presents for Christmas 


Christmas Bath Bomb Pamper Gift Set

When you think of self-care, a hot bath is probably one of the first things you think of and for good reason - having a 30-minute hot bath every evening can have a positive impact on your mental health! It is therefore unsurprising that my first self-care pamper present for Christmas is a Christmas Bath Bomb Set. Not only will your loved one experience the mental health benefits of having a bath, but they will also experience aromatherapy benefits from the bath bomb essential oils which will help them to relax.


Shop our Festive self-care pamper presents here.


My second idea for a self-care pamper present for Christmas is a cotton crochet

Crochet Cotton Cloth
facecloth. These face cloths are made from high-quality natural cotton which is soft and durable for a luxurious face washing experience. Match your face cloth with a Natural Nighttime Cleanser, which is massaged onto your face and then removed with a damp face cloth.





Complete your self-care pamper present for Christmas with a beautiful quilted, block printed wash bag, which can be used to store all of your pamper and self-care products.


Self-Care Christmas Gift Guide - Decadent Decor 


Selection of waste paper bins

Decadent decor is less likely to be your first thought when you think about self-care gifts, but as the saying goes - a tidy home is a tidy mind and having a home that makes you feel good is so important. Plus, everybody likes to be gifted pretty things! These handmade, decoupaged waste paper bins covered in designer prints are the perfect way to gift a little bit of luxury to help create a room that makes your loved one feel good.


Cocktail cabinet with sofa and drinks

 "You can't buy happiness, but you can make a cocktail. And that's kind of the same thing". For a decor gift with an even bigger impact, this stunning mid-century drinks cabinet is the perfect self-care Christmas gift for a loved one who loves to host. Self-care is different for everyone and who’s to say self-care can’t be enjoying a cocktail with your friends, this beautiful cabinet is the perfect Christmas gift for the whisky connoisseur or cocktail making queen.


Santa Plate

For something with more of a festive feel, these hand-painted Father Christmas plates are another decor Christmas gift that I am loving. Self-care can be about spending time with friends and family, particularly over the festive period and one way of doing this is through Christmas traditions. These personalised plates are a lovely addition to one of the most popular Christmas traditions - leaving out a special treat for Father Christmas and his reindeer - and make a lovely gift, particularly for families with children.

Self-Care Christmas Gifts for Stress Relief 


Hope touch stone with flower on the side

Touchstones are one of my favourite self-care Christmas gifts for somebody in a high pressure job or who would just benefit from a little bit of stress relief. If you haven’t heard of a touchstone, the stones have a calming and grounding effect when held and are the perfect size to take with you out and about when needed.



Journaling can also help with stress relief and what better Patterned note book with leaves and pen on sideway to inspire your loved one to give journaling a go than a beautiful notebook Christmas gift. I particularly love this notebook by Little Flowers by Sligo with a calming blue leaf design and lines pages which would be perfect for journaling!


Essential Oils are ESSENTIAL for Self-Care Christmas Gifts 


unwind this Christmas pamper gift set

Essential oils can have a whole host of benefits including helping you to relax and fall asleep as well as helping with stress and anxiety. The Unwind this Christmas Pamper Gift Set includes some of our most popular relaxation products, filled with essential oils to help your loved one feel relaxed and stress-free. Pamper products aren’t the only essential oil-filled products and these Yorkshire Beeswax Candles also include essential oils to help your loved one unwind.


Stockings for your Self-Care Christmas Gifts 


Christmas personalized sack,

Instead of disposable wrapping paper, why not give your loved one their self-care Christmas gift inside a personalised Christmas sack. Not only are the Christmas sacks reusable but they are also a really quirky and memorable way to present your gift to your loved one.





Grey and White Bones Stocking

If you are doggy mad like me, why not spoil your pooch this year with their own reusable stocking for their self-care gifts (or bones and edible treats) - go on, it’s Christmas!


Gift Guide - Self-Care Christmas Gifts 


All too often, we get caught up in the busyness of life and forget about ourselves and looking after our mental wellbeing. Giving the gift of self-care really is the best Christmas present you can give, particularly for those who live especially stressful, busy lives and often put themselves last. This gift guide has included self-care Christmas gifts from some of my favourite small businesses. I hope that you have found the perfect self-care gift to encourage your loved one to look after themself, not just over the festive season but all year round.


Shop our range of self-care pamper presents here.

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